Minyak atsiri, atau dikenal juga sebagai minyak eteris (aetheric oil), minyak esensial, minyak terbang, serta minyak aromatik, adalah kelompok besar minyak nabati yang berwujud cairan kental pada suhu ruang namun mudah menguap sehingga memberikan aroma yang khas. Minyak atsiri merupakan bahan dasar dari wangi-wangian atau minyak gosok (untuk pengobatan) alami. Di dalam perdagangan, sulingan minyak atsiri dikenal sebagai bibit minyak wangi.

Dapatkan berbagai informasi mengenai penjual dan pembeli minyak atsiri di indonesa dan di manca negara di sini.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

Deskripsi Minyak Akar Wangi (Vetiver Oil)

Apa itu Minyak akar wangi, penjelasan mengenai minyak akar wangi (Vetiver Oil)

Vetiver oil is an oil that is used in aromatherapy and is extracted from the roots of the vetiver plant. Read the following article on vetiver oil for more information on what is vetiver oil and vetiver oil extraction.

Vetiver plant, whose botanical name is Chrysopogon zizanioides is a grass plant that is native to India. The name 'vetiver' is derived from Tamil (a language spoken in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India) and the meaning is 'hatch up'. The vetiver plant grows upto a height of 1.5 meters and is cultivated all around the world for its numerous benefits. Other aromatic plants of the same family include lemon grass and Palmarosa. Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of the vetiver plant. This oil is also popularly known as khus oil, which is also referred to as the 'Oil of Tranquility' in India. Vetiver oil is found in most perfumes, beauty and cosmetic products. Vetiver oil extraction is a very laborious procedure, where the roots of the vetiver plant have to be specially harvested to extract this essential oil. The roots of the vetiver plant have to be cultivated for two years before they are ready for the extraction of vetiver oil. For the extraction, the roots are washed, dried, chopped and soaked after which they undergo steam distillation. Let's see more about the benefits of vetiver oil.

Vetiver Oil Benefits

Vetiver oil is dark brown or amber in color and has a very earthy and woody aroma. The color of the oil can also be olive green depending on the source. It is used as a fixative for many oriental type perfumes and used to give a fragrance to soaps and incense sticks. It is also a popular oil used for massages in aromatherapy because of its soothing effect. Vetiver oil has many therapeutic properties and plays an essential role in Ayurveda. It has got antispasmodic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Applying vetiver oil on open wounds curbs the growth of bacteria, hence stopping the wound from becoming septic. This oil also eliminates scars and marks (especially caused due to burns) on the skin since it is cicatrisant (the property to eliminate scars). The oil also triggers the growth of new cells in the affected area.

Vetiver oil has sedative properties and is used as an aromatherapy oil for its soothing and calming effect on the body. This oil can be used for treating various ailments since it has an all round benefit in most of the systems in the body. Vetiver oil is an effective remedy for calming down the nervous system, irritability, dispels anger, hysteria and neurotic behavior. Vetiver oil acts as a circulatory stimulant that helps in revitalizing and fortifying the red blood cells, which in turn increases the level of oxygen in the blood. It is a rubefacient, that increases the flow of blood to the sore and aching muscles. Vetiver oil is also effective in treating disorders like nervousness, depression, emotional disturbances and nervous irritation. Skin problems like acne, stretch marks and other skin related disorders like dermatitis and psoriasis are effectively treated by the topical application of vetiver oil. Due to its antispasmodic properties, vetiver oil is known to ease abdominal cramps during menstruation.

There have been many researches conducted to prove the benefits of vetiver oil. In order to enjoy the complete benefits of vetiver essential oil, the oil needs to be absorbed in the blood stream. You can add vetiver oil in your bathing water to get a refreshing and rejuvenated effect. You can even inhale this essential oil in the form of steam by adding a few drops of vetiver oil in a bowl of hot water.

Vetiver oil is easily available in the market in the form of bath oils, massage oils and perfumed oils etc. Even though vetiver oil has no proven side effects, it is always beneficial to use an essential oil after consulting an expert.

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