Minyak atsiri, atau dikenal juga sebagai minyak eteris (aetheric oil), minyak esensial, minyak terbang, serta minyak aromatik, adalah kelompok besar minyak nabati yang berwujud cairan kental pada suhu ruang namun mudah menguap sehingga memberikan aroma yang khas. Minyak atsiri merupakan bahan dasar dari wangi-wangian atau minyak gosok (untuk pengobatan) alami. Di dalam perdagangan, sulingan minyak atsiri dikenal sebagai bibit minyak wangi.

Dapatkan berbagai informasi mengenai penjual dan pembeli minyak atsiri di indonesa dan di manca negara di sini.

Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010


Essential oils can be used for the pleasure of their scent and also for the various beneficial effects they can have on our bodies and senses.

Not all essential oils will have the same effect on everyone, so you should try different ones out to see what has the desired result for you personally.

Warning: If you are pregnant or have epilepsy, circulation problems, a psychiatric condition, any other serious medical condition or are on medication, please consult a medical practitioner before undertaking any aromatherapy. If any symptoms continue to remain for an extended period of time, check them out with your doctor. Essential oils should also not be used on young children without asking your doctor first.

Always only use externally (unless otherwise stated) and don't use on broken or irritated skin (unless it is recommended for that purpose.) Keep away from eyes, nose, mouth, and other *sensitive areas*.

You should always do a diluted spot test (2 drops in 1/4 cup of water, rub on inner arm and leave for half an hour) before using any essential oil on the body- even in the bath- in case you have an allergic reaction.

Essential oils can be diluted and used in a relaxing bath (inhaling the vapours) or other container for aromatherapy, and as a massage oil (mixed with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil), added to cleaners, shampoos, soaps etc, or used as a room fragrance or clothing sachet scent, or in scented candles.

Some Essential Oils and Their Useful Properties

Useful for helping to relieve anxiety, nervous tension and fatigue.

Bay (Bay Laurel)
Relief for anxiety and melancholy symptoms.

Wonderfully healing and comforting on the skin, especially for "mature" skin.

Helps with sleep, and exhaustion. Relieves muscular aches.

The vapour can greatly help unblock a stuffy nose.

Good for releiving stress and tension... particularly if added to your bath.

Helps with shyness, indecision, tension and grief.

What a wonderful herb... and it smells divine as it helps with relaxation and a general sense of well being. Relieves headaches, balances emotions, helps with restful sleep. It also helps relieve breathing problems and can help skin to heal.

Orange oil smells delicious and can help ease tension, anxiety, nervousness and disappointment.

Vapours help a stuffy nose. Helps with mental clarity, mood brightening and energy.

Perennial Chamomile
Use this to ease anxiety and help restful sleep.

Mood enhancing, calming and sleep promoting.

A good one for alertness, memory and mood brightening.

Sweet Basil
Another mental clarity and alertness promoter.

Sweet Marjoram
Helps relieve muscle tension and stress.

Helps relieve fatigue and aids memory and concentration.

Ylang Ylang
Helps relieve feelings of panic and stress. Also anger and aggression.

This is only a small selection of the wonderful essential oils available.

As well as using essential oils, you can gather fresh or dried herbs, and make up little sachets for soaking in the bath or for laying amongst your clothes. These can also make thoughtful hand-made gifts.

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